Charcoal & Haircare

One day we are rummaging through the kitchen to develop liquid beauty, the next day we are digging in the backyard.

Thanks to skincare (and the Kardashians), the haircare category continues to open arms to new ingredients that fulfill a consumers’ desire for nature hacks. Minerals such as zinc, sulfur and silica have been utilized in haircare for many years and are moving into the spotlight. Charcoal, which is technically not a mineral, also falls into this skincare crossover to haircare movement and remains a top 10 contender for naturally-derived haircare ingredients. When we selected our source for charcoal (there are hundreds) we went with somewhat of a unique form of charcoal derived from coconut shells.


Charcoal is porous, soft, black substance made by heating in an restricted amount of air, substances containing carbon such as material from hardwood trees and coconut shells. It has been used for many years to remove organic contaminants from waste waters and in water purification systems. It is also used to adsorb or deactivate organic and as a clarifying and detoxifying agent.

Coconut Shell activated charcoal (our favorite) has a tight molecular structure, making it ideal to adsorb (molecules stick to the surface area of charcoal) fine compounds. It is 100% natural, irradiation free, allergen free, GMO free and ECOCERT and COSMOS approved.

Excess sebum and product build-up tend to be the most unwanted compounds in hair. Different hair types and care regimens determine the best frequency of use for optimal benefits of charcoal. We have developed several formulas and attest to the power of charcoal. Charcoal is a functional ingredient that consumers associate with nature and it works as good or better than traditional chelating surfactants.

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